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Shelter in a Day


Studio, Emergency

The Shelter in a Day offers a simple and efficient modular emergency shelter solution for housing people quickly after a disaster.

  • 144 sq ft, 12’ x 12’ design
  • Constructed with precision cut components
  • No skills, tools or electricity needed for assembly
  • Made from strong waterproof recycled MDF
  • No electrical or plumbing included with shelter

Enlarge a Shelter in a Day with 4ft extension increments, each $950 (i.e. 12×16, 12×20, 12×24, etc.)

Product Details

Dimensions: 12’ W x 12’ L x 8’ H

Interior: 144 sq ft

Footprint: 12’ x 12’

Warranty: 1 year factory defect warranty

Choice of 1 or 2 lock-able doors

(4) Screened and lock-able windows

Screened air vents



Not included with the unit. Shelter in a Day is designed to offer a basic structural envelope for the user to modify as needed. The strength and thickness of the MDF allows the shelter to accommodate plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems.


Shelter in a Day is assembled with precision-cut pieces that are connected by the use of tool-free joints and interlocking panel edges. The tool-free joint is an updated version of an old-style carpenter’s joint – the mortise and through-tenon with a locking peg. No nails, screws or metal fasteners are needed.

  • 3-4 unskilled people: less than a day
  • Tools needed: only the wooden hammer that comes with the unit

Because of its unique design, Shelter in a Day can be erected directly upon the ground and will remain sturdy and solid. If tie downs are needed, earth-anchor tie downs are available for an additional cost.

Possible foundations can be a concrete slab, wood platform or stone pavers. Shelter in a Day can be bolted directly to any foundation.


The Shelter roof is structural but not waterproof. Here are some options depending on need:

  • Shelters can be shipped with a 5 gallon can of roof waterproofing. This painted membrane will protect the roof and is light and reflective but the structure cannot be taken apart after this application.
  • If you want the option to move the structure, a military specification tarp or trucker’s tarp works well. Also installation is simple because tie-downs for it are built into the standard structure.
  • The best roof is galvanized steel. This roof is strong, long lasting and helps to control heat-gain in the tropics because it is mounted 2 inches over the structural roof.
  • Shelter in a Day comes flat-packed.
  • Pallet size: 4’ x 8’ x 3’
  • Weight: 3,000 lbs
  • 8 shelters can be shipped in a standard 20’ shipping container

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is made of 100% recycled wood fiber that is bound by an adhesive. Because the grain runs in all directions, MDF is stronger than wood. Shelter in a Day is uses a MDF product with a NAUF (no added urea-formaldehyde) adhesive, which is non-toxic.

Structure: 1” thick exterior grade waterproof MDF, processed with borate for termite, rot and fire resistance.

Unit pieces: precision-cut with CNC (computerized) router

Shelter in a Day can be disassembled, stored and reused again.