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NOMAD Live is a micro home that seamlessly integrates the features of a home into a space-efficient showpiece.

  • 100 sq ft + 60 sq ft two person sleeping loft
  • 10′ x 10′ footprint
  • Kitchen w/2 burner stove
  • Wet bath with sink and mirror
  • Comes flat-packed for home assembly
  • A “No permits needed” structure
  • Combine with a NOMAD Space to customize your space needs
  • Made in Canada

The living room, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, bedroom, and storage of this small prefab home are designed for maximum use of space: a stair doubles as a kitchen counter, a window adds light to one area while a higher ceiling adds light to another. A bathroom doubles as a shower, storage can be used as seating, and so on.



Freedom Yurt Cabin

Product Details

Interior: 100 sq ft plus 60 sq ft sleeping loft

Dimensions: 10W x 10L x 12H

Footprint: 10′ x 10′

Warranty: Manufacturer’s Warranty

Bathroom with sink, mirror and integrated hand-held showerhead

Kitchen with stovetop, counters and cabinets

Living/dining area

60 sq ft sleeping loft

Plumbing & Mechanical: 

  • Hot Water: Natural gas, propane, or electric on-demand, supplied and installed by certified tradesperson
  • Sewer: Can use existing municipal sewer, septic field, or composting toilet
  • Heat: Natural gas, propane, or electric baseboard, supplied and installed by certified tradesperson
  • Ventilation: Range hood (not included) and bathroom fan (included), installed by certified tradesperson


  • Power system: Can be powered by most conventional power sources (installed by certified tradesperson)
  • Service Panel: Exterior-mounted, supplied and installed by a certified tradesperson
  • Kitchen Light: LED task lighting under kitchen shelf  (included)
  • Bathroom Light: LED wall light (included)
  • Outlets: Through exterior wall, supplied and installed by a certified tradesperson
  • Switches: Wireless to bathroom (included) (110v)
  • 1 week for 2 people with the technical skills of a “handy-man”.
  • A licensed plumber to connect the flush toilet to the municipal water line and connect NOMAD’s water system to the municipal water line.
  • A licensed electrician to connect NOMAD’s electrical service to a municipal power grid.
Foundation options
  • For ease-of-construction and mobility, NOMAD is designed to rest on a series of beams supported by “screw piles” (metal piles hand-screwed into the ground). This system minimizes disturbance to the environment and can be easily removed if necessary. Cost for (6) screw piles = extra $275.
  • NOMAD can also be supported by a number of conventional foundation types including concrete, stone or treated lumber.
  • NOMAD comes flat-packed
  • Crate weight: 4000 lbs



  • Structure: patented system using metal insulated panels
  • Insulation: floor and roof R32 – R36, walls R24
  • Exterior Finish: pre-finished metal siding, engineered wood panel, PVC trim board
  • Windows: vinyl frame, double glazed
  • Exterior Doors: double french door, paintable, fiberglass, full light
  • Roof: pre-finished metal panel, shed (3.5/12 slope)
  • Interior Wall Finish: paintable pre-finished metal panel
  • Interior Floor Finish: vinyl plank
  • Cabinets: Ikea SEKTION, white
  • Kitchen Counter: white laminate
  • Kitchen Sink: stainless steel
  • Kitchen Faucet: single control
  • Toilet: wet flush toilet
  • Bathroom Floor: synthetic wood slats over custom fiberglass base
  • Bathroom Walls: pre-finished metal panel
  • Bathroom Door: opaque glass in aluminum frame
  • Stair/Shelving: 1 1/2″-thick laminated maple plywood