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PowerBee & StreamBee

Coming Fall 2016

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Use a natural flowing water source to create a portable power source.

The PowerBee turbine battery and StreamBee charger combo will allow you to charge or run a USB powered device – cellphone, LED lights, a tablet, etc – by using the energy of a stream, river or waterfall.

PowerBee & StreamBee combo will be on sale Fall 2016.

Product Details

PowerBee turbine battery specs:
  • Size: 5″x 3″
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Battery output: 5000 mAh (enough to charge 2 smart phone or LED lantern for 20 hours)
StreamBee charger specs:
  • Floating body: plastic
  • Charging mechanism: external propeller that attaches to PowerBee
PowerBee & StreamBee specs:
  • Charging time: 2-4 hours depending on the energy resource.  2 hours using USB 3.0
  • Assembly time: 5-20 minutes

The PowerBee is a USB battery pack. The StreamBee is the device that uses water to charge the PowerBee.

How the PowerBee and StreamBee work together:

The PowerBee is attached to the StreamBee and together they are placed in flowing water. The StreamBee’s propellor spins the rotor of the PowerBee’s internal generator which in turns charges the batteries. After a few hours in a stream, the PowerBee is charged and ready to provide power.