• 16ft ? Product shot
16ft ? Product shot

Product Attributes

  • Sustainable Design

Groovyyurts 16ft yurt package


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The Groovyyurts is an authentic Mongolian yurt that is an extremely efficient home developed over 3000 years ago in one of the planet’s harshest climates.

  • 200 sq ft, 16 ft diameter
  • Aerodynamic design and easy assembly
  • Groovyyurts sources from family-run Mongolian businesses
This is a winterized yurt package and includes the following:
  • A complete layer of natural felt insulation for easy heating & cooling
  • Clear vinyl dome covering
  • Extra water resistant layer
  • Canadian-made insulated flooring kit

This yurt does not include a bathroom or kitchen.

All yurt packages and materials have been selected by Groovyyurts to withstand the more humid climates of North American weather as compared to the arid Mongolian climate.

*Apart from the first yurt product photo, all other photos are shown as general examples of yurts rather than reflecting the exact size of a 16 ft yurt. Furnishings shown in photos do not come included with the yurt.

Product Details

Dimensions: 16 ft diameter

Interior: 200 sq ft

Wall height: 4.5 ft

Center height: 7 ft

Comfortably sleeps: 2 people


Outside canvas covering: 10 year “at cost” warranty – if the canvas needs to be replaced, you’ll get 30% off list price.

SIPs flooring: 1 year limited warranty

(For aficionados of traditional yurts we’ve included the Mongolian yurt part names)

Water resistant layer for optimal protection from wet weather

Insulated 3” SIPs flooring platform with a removable 6” rim

1 wood frame opening that includes a solid wood exterior door and a double French interior door with windows

1 compression ring/dome (the toono) covered on its front half with a very basic Plexiglas covering and a hole for chimney

1 clear vinyl dome covering (the urgh) for maximum natural lighting within the yurt

2 central posts (the bagaans)

4 wall sections to create the circumference of the yurt

A set of roof rafters (the huns)

Door and doorframe, dome, posts and roof rafters are hand painted with traditional Mongolian motifs.

1 cotton first liner

1 layer of white felt

1 piece of water resistant decorated canvas roof covering (the berzine)

1 bottom decorative skirt (the rayartch)

All necessary ropes

Instructional set-up manual

Because yurts are easily and efficiently heated with the use of a wood-burning stove, the dome incorporates a stove pipe hole.

While the yurt does not come with plumbing or electrical systems, you can easily add these with the help of a licensed professional.


Unlike industrial products, Groovyyurts are handmade, so measurements (diameter, sq ft, etc.) may not be precise but this will not affect assembly or the finished structure.

  • 3-4 unskilled people, half a day – including installing SIPs flooring
  • To assemble the yurt – no tools needed
  • To assemble the SIPs flooring – power drill & a long ratchet strap needed
  • When using the SIPs flooring kit that comes with the yurt, you will need to either lay a gravel ground foundation or build a post and beam support frame.
  • Once either of these is in place, you can install the SIPS flooring on top of it.
  • Weight of yurt only: approx. 660 lbs
  • Size: 70 cu. ft
  • The yurt will be transported by Groovyyurts themselves in their very own truck.
  • The materials used to make a Groovyyurt are mostly natural and are exclusively produced in Mongolia.
  • As a company, Groovyyurts emphasizes fair trade business practices, sustainable development and respect of cultural traditions in Mongolia by buying yurts and materials directly from family-run businesses. They also support and participate in rural initiatives, including a yearly tree-planting program. They plant 25 trees in Mongolia for every Groovyyurt sold.
  • Door and door frame, compression ring/dome, central posts, roof rafters and wall sections: Wood sourced from Mongolia, thoroughly dried
  • Door frame windows: plexiglass
  • Dome windows: vinyl
  • SIPs flooring: 3” pre-cut Styrofoam-insulated panels installed with tongue and groove construction, treated plywood, the footprint of the flooring matches the diameter of the yurt
  • SIPs plywood treatment: top side – Thomson Water seal; underside – Cystalex, a low VOC stain
  • First liner: Twill weaved cotton
  • Felt insulation: 100% white wool
  • Water resistance layer: Novawrap Aspire made in Canada – similar to Tyvek but a better product for yurt purposes
  • All paints on wood: non-VOC paints
  • Roof covering and skirt: Water resistant plain weaved canvas
  • Ropes: natural braided horsehair
  • With appropriate maintenance, lifespan of a yurt can be 30 years +