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The Cargotecture Apartment Building is the perfect solution for high-density areas that need quickly-built apartments – whether in a post-disaster scenario or otherwise. The shipping container design enables large numbers of people to be housed quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Product Details

Contact Close to Home for more information: 1-206-295-0727
Design pictured features:
  • 4 story building
  • 100 units – 2 floor plans
  • 94 – 1 bedroom/1 bath unit, 640 sq ft
  • 6 – 2 bedroom/1 bath unit, 960 sq f
Contact Close to Home for more information: 1-206-295-0727

Standard 120V electricity

Standard plumbing: ½” supply, 3” waste

Electrical outlets and lighting

Convectair Apero wall heater

30 gal electric water heater (gas if available on site)

Standard insulation: Floor – R30, Roof – R36 or higher, Walls – R22

Contact Close to Home for more information: 1-206-295-0727

The assembly and construction approach used to build the cargo container Apartment Building is cost-efficient, minimizes waste and dramatically speeds up the timeline for a construction project.

Here’s how:
  • Individual container modules are prepped, built out and stockpiled at an off-site fabrication facility.
  • Meanwhile, site preparation (foundations, utility systems, roads, etc.) occurs.
  • Once the site is ready, the completed modules are put into place, allowing the final hook-ups and finishing to be done. For an apartment building project the size pictured here, this process is approximately 2-3 months.
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Aluminum clad windows

Mahogany finished floor

5/8” drywall ceiling and walls

Recycled ISO cargo container newly painted

Soy based spray foam insulation

Cargo container construction offers:
  • Strength – Constructed with reinforced steel frames and corrugated steel skins, and designed to be stacked up to eight layers high.
  • Better Disaster Protection – Resistant to fires and seismic damage and better able to withstand tornados, hurricanes and extreme weather conditions than traditional construction.
  • Durability – Built of a rust-resistant alloy called COR-TEN, their lifespan is indefinite