Product Attributes

  • Sustainable Design
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • modular

Cargotecture c900 Bunkhouse

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Inspired by luxury cruise ship lodging, the c900 Bunkhouse houses 12 people comfortably with each person having their own private bunk with a window, fold down table and more! Common areas include kitchen, dining area and library. The c900 Bunkhouse* is affordable, space efficient, sustainable, relocatable and ADA compliant. There is no design like it out there!

  • Sleeps 12 people, each with private bunk
  • Includes communal kitchen, bath, dining room and library
  • Hardie board siding to disguise cargo container look
  • ADA compliant design
  • Relocatable with the patented container footings
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Homeless housing
  • Disaster relief housing
  • Migrant farmworker housing
  • Oil services worker housing
  • Summer camp cabin
  • Fishing and hunting camps
  • Road services crew housing
  • Yoga retreat housing

*The c900 Bunkhouse can be stacked — Call Close to Home for information 1-206-295-0727

Product Details

Exterior Dimensions: 17.2’ W x 53’ L x 9.6’ H

Interior Dimensions: 16.4’ W x 52.5’ L x 8.11” H

Footprint: 900 sq ft

Interior: 861 sq ft

Foundation: Custom footings (patent pending)

12 individual bunk spaces each with:
  • Shelving and lockable drawer
  • Fold down laptop table
  • Small closet with clothing rod
  • Porthole window
  • Heavy duty “blackout” privacy curtain
  • Outlets for personal devices
12 x 16 Kitchen:
  • 4 workstations
  • 1 kitchen sink
  • 1 bar sink
  •  1 large fridge
Dining area
  • Seats 14
  • Electrical outlets for personal devices
  • 2 toilets – 1 standard, 1 ADA compliant
  • 2 showers – 1 standard, 1 ADA compliant
  • 3 sinks
  • 12 towel hangers
  • 12 storage cubicles
  • 1 linen closet to store 12 sets of towels and sheets
  • Seats 6
  • Electric fireplace
  • Ample bookshelves
Hallway contains
  • 1 Large capacity washer 
  • 1 Large capacity dryer
  • 12 Lockers and shoe & coat racks
  • Utility closet

Marriage joints for plumbing, electrical are easily accessible

Electrical master panel included – see near library

Ganged plumbing walls for ADA restroom and sinks within container floor

2 electric minisplits- one at library and one in bunkroom

Venting – 24/7 quiet vent at bathroom draws air from both ends of bunkhouse

No ductwork in building besides venting for stove, bathroom, with short ducts

Cross ventilation provided by 30 operable porthole windows

Thermal curtain at entry provides foyer space with controlled temperature

Ceiling fans in various locations

Fire extinguishers and hardwired smoke detectors

Fabrication of c900 Bunkhouse containers and interiors is done off-site. C900 is trucked to site in 2 halves and then placed on included footings. Hook up to site electrical and plumbing lines completes the installation.

  • Up to R-56 ceiling insulation, R-32 walls (Option to be insulated 50% beyond energy code)
  • Walls are gypsum Type X 5/8″ on wood studs.
  • Type V construction may be upgraded to Type II steel studs as requested
  • Cargo floor (dark mahogany) may be upgraded to white polymer shiny floor
Private bunks:
  • Bunks, cabinets, shelving and divider panels: 3/4” fir and/or hardwood plywood
  • Ladders: steel
  • Black out/privacy curtains: heavy duty, thermal, and acoustic for complete privacy