• c640 Lookout shipping container home - designed for maximum natural light
  • c640 Lookout shipping container home floor plan
c640 Lookout shipping container home - designed for maximum natural light c640 Lookout shipping container home floor plan

Product Attributes

  • Electrical
  • modular
  • Plumbing
  • Sustainable Design

c640 lookout

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Take a large square footage, add a space efficient design and you get the c640 lookout, a shipping container home that has everything you need and more.

  • Living/dining area
  • Bedroom plus a sleeping nook
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Turn-key convenience
  • Shipping container durability & strength
  • Made in the USA

Product Details

Interior: 640 sq ft

Dimensions: 16W x 40L x 8H

Footprint: 16W x 40L

Weight: 36,000 lbs

Warranty: Manufacturer’s Warranty

1 Bedrooom

1 Bathroom with Duravit bath fixtures

1 hall accessed sleeping nook

Kitchen with Summit Energy Star appliances including 2 burner stove top and fridge

Washer and dryer

IKEA cabinets, kitchen fixtures and lighting

Living/dining area

Standard 120V electricity.

240V electricity for clothes dryer

Standard plumbing: ½” supply, 3” waste

Electrical outlets and lighting

Convectair Apero wall heater

30 gal electric water heater (gas if available on site)

Standard insulation: Floor – R30, Roof – R36 or higher, Walls – R22

  • 1 day, 2 skilled workers
  • A licensed plumber to connect the flush toilet to the municipal water line and connect Lookout’s water system to the municipal water line.
  • A licensed electrician to connect Lookout’s electrical service to a municipal power grid.
  • The c640 Lookout is shipped to your property “move-in” ready – just needs utilities hooked up.
Foundation options
  • Conventional foundations such as concrete and stone support cargo container homes.
  • To allow easy installation and to create a cargo container home that is relocatable, foundation blocks with container connections are recommended. These blocks are engineered for seismic, flood, high wind, and poor soils conditions and most homes require a minimum of (6) blocks. Cost for (6) blocks = extra $1500
Prices do not include:
  • Local plan review and permits (for land-use review, foundations and utilities)
  • On site construction requirements (grading, foundation, utility connection)

Contact a C2HH representative for an estimate

Aluminum clad wood windows and doors

Mahogany finished floor

5/8” drywall ceiling and walls

Recycled ISO cargo container newly painted

Soy based spray foam insulation

Cargo container construction offers:
  • Strength – Constructed with reinforced steel frames and corrugated steel skins, and designed to be stacked up to eight layers high.
  • Better Disaster Protection – Resistant to fires and seismic damage and better able to withstand tornados, hurricanes and extreme weather conditions than traditional construction.
  • Durability – Built of a rust-resistant alloy called COR-TEN, their lifespan is indefinite.