Product Attributes

  • modular

Bunkie DIY Kit


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Studio, DIY

Get a bare bones small prefab studio with the Bunkie DIY Kit. It’s the Bunkie Monarch model stripped down: no insulation, no roofing, no windows or doors, just yours to build and personalize with the final finishes.

  • 106 sq ft
  • A “no permits needed” space
  • Rough-ins for door and windows
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made with precision-cut components
  • Made in Canada

Product Details

Interior:  106 sq ft

Dimensions: 12’6” W x 8’6” D x 11’6” H

Footprint: 106 sq ft

Warranties: 1 year Bunkie structural warranty

No doors or windows, just rough-ins for 1 door and 2 windows. (The rough-in are standard sizes — windows and door can be purchased at any home improvement retailer.)

No insulation

DIY kit is able to accommodate Bunkie built-in furniture and murphy furniture

The Bunkie DIY kit comes on site as a series of 15 preassembled components that are bolted together.
  • 3-4 unskilled people: 2 days
  • Main tools needed: ratchet, hammer and cordless drill
The Bunkie will need a foundation. Here are 3 options depending on the property:
  • A concrete pad 12’ x 8’ x 8” deep – 4” submerged in the ground, 4” out of the ground
  • Sonotubes with pressure treated, wooden cross members
  • Grade Beams (either concrete curbs or pressure treated 4 x 4’s on beds of tamped limestone screening)
  • The Bunkie DIY kit comes flat-packed via truck
  • Exterior and interior paneling and rib structure: Canadian fir and spruce structural plywood