Emergency Shelters

Emergency Shelters are deployed immediately after a disaster when safety, comfort and protection from the elements are crucial. They can be used either as sleeping quarters, with bathroom and kitchen facilities provided elsewhere, or as operational centers for aid organizations, medical units and government agencies.

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Dwelling Units

Dwelling Units are temporary homes that can be assembled in or near the affected community when utilities have been turned on and the area has been cleared and deemed safe. Residents live in these houses during the reconstruction of their destroyed or damaged homes. Dwelling units are equipped with the standard amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms and floor plans can include up to two bedrooms. Some dwelling unit models are permanent structures that, once a family moves back into their rebuilt home, can be used as a guesthouse, extra office/work space, or rental unit. Most dwelling units are designed to fit onto a homeowner’s property.

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Commercial Units

Commercial Units include pop-up retail spaces, offices and multi-unit apartment/mixed-use buildings. These units are used during the second phase of post-disaster recovery when a damaged area has been cleared and deemed safe and utilities are back in place.  All models have the ability to be transported and relocated. Other models can function as permanent structures if desired.  Multi-unit apartment buildings are equipped with standard amenities such as kitchens and bathroom facilities.

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Other Products

Other Products include disaster recovery items and an assortment of accessory equipment for all emergency, dwelling and commercial units.

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