Inspiration in Greensburg, Kansas…

On December 30, Rachel visited Greensburg, Kansas, the town that rebuilt sustainably after being hit by a devastating tornado in 2007.  Close to Home continues to find inspiration in the lessons that Greensburg has learned and shares with other communities that are … Continued

INSPIRATION in Greensburg – Working Toward a Paradigm Shift


The Story of Greensburg, Kansas The City of Greensburg, Kansas, was struck by an EF5 tornado (winds in excess of 200 mph) on May 4, 2007. Ninety-five percent of the infrastructure of Greensburg was demolished that night – only three … Continued

Post-Disaster Housing Solutions – Let’s Stay Close to Home

The Aftermath of the Greensburg, Kansas Tornado.The Aftermath of the Greensburg, Kansas Tornado.

The idea that evolved into the business model that is now “Close to Home”, was sparked in the spring of 2011 during the rash of tornadoes that hit the United States.  2011 saw the second largest number of tornadoes recorded … Continued