South Seattle Emerald

From Pilot Projects to Systemic Change: Seattle City Council Mulls Solutions to Homelessness in Biennial Budget. By Aaron Burkhalter. November 6, 2018. 

“People deserve to have beautiful things and have pride in ownership,” said Rachel Stamm, founder of Close to Home, the for-profit company that designed and is producing the tiny cottages. . . read more.

Curbed Seattle

One Approach to Long-term Shelter: Tiny Grants for Tiny Homes By Sarah Anne Lloyd November 6, 2018

Seattle City Council member Mike O’Brien hopes to add a small pilot program to Seattle’s biennial budget, which the Seattle City Council is currently in the process of building. $300,000 would allow homeowners and community organizations to apply for one of 12 grants of $25,000 that could go toward providing long-term, affordable housing on their property, covering up to half the cost. . . read more


KOMO 4 news video: Seattle’s pilot program may house homeless on your property temporarily By Matt Markovich November 2, 2018

The ASPIRE tiny house on wheels is the inspiration of Rachel Stamm of Kent, who along with her partner, created a company called Close to Home. ASPIRE is designed to be an all-in-one DIY kit that can be built by a couple of people in less than a week.

Seattle City Council member Mike O’Brien says ASPIRE is just the kind of backyard cottage that could receive city funding with a caveat — the City would qualify each candidate to live in the home. . . watch

King 5 NEWS

King 5 news video: No magic answer 3 years after Seattle declared homelessness emergency By Chris Daniels November 2, 2018

Three years after homelessness was declared an emergency in Seattle, lawmakers are still grappling with the situation and working to find a long-term solution. . . watch


Q 13 news video: Are tiny houses on wheels yet another tactic in Seattle’s homeless crisis? By Jamie Tompkins November 2, 2018

Seattle city council member Mike O’Brien toured a Kent startup called “Close to Home” on Friday, which creates tiny homes on wheels. CEO and founder Rachel Stamm, says these homes are different than your typical RV or trailer. “It’s been built with materials you might find in a $1 million home,” she said. “The same type of materials, same type of engineering. It just happens to not have a foundation – it’s on wheels. . . watch