Product Attributes

  • Electrical
  • modular
  • Plumbing
  • Sustainable Design



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NOMAD Cube Micro Home

The NOMAD Cube Micro Home has everything you need in a space efficient home including a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft.

  • 169 sq ft
  • 60 sq ft two person sleeping loft
  • 13′ x 13′ footprint
  • Kitchen with sink, counters and cabinets
  • Bathroom with toilet, sink and separate 30″ x 30″ fiberglass shower base
  • Comes flat-packed for home assembly
  • Combine two or more NOMAD Cubes to customize your space needs
  • Made in Canada

Product Details

Interior: 169 sq ft plus 60 sq ft sleeping loft

Footprint: 13′ x 13′

Warranty: Manufacturer’s Warranty

Kitchen with sink, counters and cabinets

Bathroom with toilet, sink, and separate 30″ x 30″ shower

Living/dining area

60 sq ft sleeping loft

Plumbing/Mechanical/Electrical – Excluded from Cube:
  • Plumbing, water lines, hot water device, heating device, and ventilation (excluded because requirements vary with location)
  • Electrical service panel, wiring, switches, and outlets (excluded because requirements vary with location)
Service Options

Municipal sewer, septic field, composting toilet, or NOMAD H2O Treatment (click here for specifications)

Rainwater Collection:
Collect rainwater using NOMAD H2O Collection (click here for specifications)

Potable Water:
Municipal water service, rainwater, or other on-site water sources using NOMAD H2O Purification (click here for specifications)



  • The Cube is engineered for ease-of-assembly that should be performed by at least two people with the technical knowledge and skills of a “handyman” defined as follows: A person skilled at a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. These tasks include some trade skills, building of small structures, repair and maintenance work, both interior and exterior.
  • The Cube contains a full kitchen and bathroom and requires a plumber and electrician to connect services to the fixtures. Depending on your skill sets, contractors may be required to install the foundation and the roofing, especially if you’re needing a guarantee.

Foundation options

  • For ease-of-construction and mobility, the Cube is designed to rest on five cast-in-place concrete piers, or “screw piles” (metal piles screwed into the ground by machine i.e.: These systems minimize disturbance to the environment and can be easily removed if necessary.
  • Conventional foundation systems can also be used such as concrete walls, concrete slabs, stone, and treated timbers.
  • Note that even though the Cube weighs much less than a conventional home, the approving authorities may still require a conventional foundation and possibly certification by a state, or province-licensed structural engineer. 


  • NOMAD Cube comes flat-packed
  • Cube components are shipped in semi-trailers, flat-bed trucks, or shipping containers, depending on the distance they are traveling, the number of units being shipped, and what methods are available to unload at the destination.
  • When being shipped over land, components can be packed in a semi-trailer and unloaded by hand or palletized on a flat-bed truck and off-loaded by forklift, or truck-mounted crane.
  • Purchasers can also pick up components themselves from our warehouse in Vancouver, BC, Canada using their own rental truck to save shipping costs.
  • When shipping overseas, components will be packed into an ocean-going shipping container.
  • We can arrange shipping to most locations worldwide with the cost being added to the purchase price. Note that tariffs, duties, fees, and taxes may be applicable when crossing borders; however, there are currently no fees when shipping between Canada, USA, and Mexico under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).
  • For the purposes of estimating shipping costs, the Cube weighs approximately 5,000 lbs.



  • Plans: floor, loft and roof plan, fixture locations, elevations, sections, and typical connection details
  • Assembly Guidelines and Technical Support
  • Structure: patented system using 3D-printed steel framing and exterior insulated metal panels
  • Fasteners: for steel frame and insulated metal panels, flashing, and roof fascias
  • Insulation: floor and roof R28, walls R23
  • Exterior Finish: pre-finished metal panel, engineered wood panel, pre-finished flashing, and pre-finished roof fascias
  • Windows: vinyl frame, double glazed
  • Exterior Doors: solid core, flat panel, paintable, fiberglass, latch set, and deadbolt
  • Interior Floor Finish: vinyl plank (wood grain)
  • Cabinets: Ikea, white lacquer
  • Kitchen Counter: white laminate
  • Kitchen Sink: stainless steel
  • Kitchen Faucet: single lever
  • Bathroom Sink: fiberglass micro sink and cabinet Toilet: wet-flush toilet
  • Bathroom Faucet: single lever
  • Shower: 30″ x 30″ fiberglass shower base
  • Shower Controls: single lever with diverter
  • Bathroom Door: paint-grade, hollow core pocket door with hardware
  • Lights: LED bathroom wall light with wireless switch and LED kitchen task light


  • Foundations (requirements vary with location)
  • Interior wall finishes (drywall or paneling can be sourced locally to save costs)
  • Roofing membrane (applied by a certified roofer to obtain guarantee)
  • Appliances (can be sourced locally to save costs)
  • Shower door (shower curtain can be used to save costs)
  • Loft access (ladders and modular stairs accessing lofts used for sleeping are not code-compliant)
  • Electrical service panel, wiring, switches, and outlets (requirements vary with location)
  • Plumbing, water lines, hot water device, heating device, and ventilation (requirements vary with location)

Add Ons


  • Bedroom wall cabinets
  • Bedroom floor cabinet with drawers


  • Exterior wall-mounted storage locker